A Day of Nothing

            One of my daughter’s favorite books right now is called “Nothing To Do” by Douglas Wood.   In it, a young boy revels in the possibilities life offers when there is a day when nothing is on the calendar.  A world of free time, play and exploration awaits him.  Children, no doubt, are wired to experience the world in this way, but as adults, are lives are so busy and hectic that sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down, be in the moment and just enjoy life.  Reading this book made me wistful for one of those days.  Imagine, nothing on the calendar, no grocery shopping or laundry, no kid shuttling, no must get this done today or the world will fall apart feelings.


            Then, the unimaginable happened!  I turned the page on my planner and there it was, a Monday with nothing on the calendar!  And to sweeten the deal, it was my birthday.  What better excuse to have a day of nothing, than your birthday.  My husband had made coffee already, the kids were on the good behavior program and I got to enjoy the newspaper relatively uninterrupted.  Then, with no agenda looming, it was off to thelandofBarbie’s with my daughter.  As the sun got higher in the sky, the thought of an adventure took hold and we (my husband, 3 year old daughter and I) piled in the car and headed toward the beach.  Once we were on our way, I discovered I had left my watch at home and that my phone battery had died.  What better way to stay in the moment than to let go of time!  A picnic sounded nice but, as is common this time of year, the beach was overcast and a bit cool, so we opted for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants right on the beach.  By the time we finished lunch it was warmer and some joyous time was spent running up and down the beach, creating avalanches in the sand and poking at seaweed. 


            Back at home, I enjoyed a little siesta, possibly brought on by all that fresh sea air, but more likely due to the glass of wine I partook at lunch.  While I enjoyed my peaceful respite, my husband, with a little help from the teenager and toddler, prepared a wonderful dinner complete with brownies for dessert.  With only a quick check for Facebook birthday messages and e-cards, I didn’t linger on-line that evening, but rather read books, had conversations and didn’t even look to see what was on tomorrow’s calendar.  Some people would call it a mental health day, but I prefer to call it “a day of nothing”.  With school out for the summer, I am looking forward to more days of nothing!  Try it yourself and see what adventures evolve.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gordy J
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 22:57:42

    You make it sound so relaxing!

    I am glad you had a memorable birthday Peg.


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